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Terrafirma Defender Roamerdrive Overdrive

Terrafirma Defender Roamerdrive Overdrive

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The DS model overdrive is an auxiliary gearbox that is easily fitted to a Defender 90 or 110 with standard five speed LT77 or R380 transmission 1983-2007. The unit adds an optional 28% to the ratio of the drive train giving improved fuel economy. Reduced engine speed contributes to quieter more comfortable travel under motorway conditions and reduces wear and tear on mechanical components.

The Roamerdrive is a completely mechanical device built in the tradition of rugged dependability that has made the Defender the world’s favourite expedition vehicle. These overdrives have no electronic or hydraulic components. They are controlled by moving the convenient hand lever. Unlike a high ratio transfer case that will permanently detract from the versatility of the gearbox, the Roamerdrive does not alter the vehicle’s designed gear ratios. Off-road performance is enhanced as the overdrive ratio can be added to any gear in high or low range.

The Roamerdrive uses the same epicyclical gear technology as a modern automatic transmission and runs quietly. This is particularly evident at high speeds and makes driving a Defender for long distances a pleasurable experience. On long journeys Roamerdrive users have reported fuel savings of up to 18% - not surprising when you consider that the engine lopes along the highway at about 2000 R.P.M. - a favourable spot on the diesel torque band. Although precise fuel savings will depend on your driving habits.

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